Jesper Højmark Esbensen


About Me

Developer of software and leader of developers. Available for freelance assignments.

People management

Summed up I have 4 year’s of experience as a people manager. At Siemens I had a department of 6-10 skilled embedded software engineers. Here I introduced the Scrum process as a tool for operational management. At Mærsk/IBM I was the technical group leader for 3 years. At the peak there where 25 engineers and programmers.


Project Management

As a project manger I have created software for the oil- and gas industy, control devices for HVAC systems. Though very different groups end project environments I will estimate to have 10 years of experience.

Artificial Intelligence

The hype around AI is enourmous so I have set my self the task to find out what is in it.

The answer is ai is advanced statistics with a hughe potential, but there is still a long way to be comparable to human intelligence.



Having worked with software for many years I master a few languages. My favorit tools are: C/C++, Java, Perl, and Python.

… and I have implemented on operating systems like: Windows, Linus, iOS and Unix.





Automating the whole software development process has of cause been one of my tools for improving team efficience. It important to have tests automated but evne more to have the fast feedback on your work.




Process Consultant

As a department manager or project manager it is important to understand what your people are doing. Working with organizations I have been implementing CMMi in the big picture while Scrum is more usefull or handy in the daily work.